Dressember | Final Wrap Up

Here are the final looks for the last week of Dressember.





I definitely could have pulled off a month of no repeats but I didn’t do a very efficient job of packing and had to wear some dresses twice. Here are the repeats:

Days 2 and 30/31 I wore this dress as a comfy hanging out at home dress. Turns out it also makes the perfect comfy travel dress. Since I traveled east from California to Beirut days 30 and 31 blended together making this dress count for 3 days total.


Days 4, 26, and 29 This LBD is just really easy to change up. It is sleeveless and in the summer I wear it all alone.


Days 11, 19, and 28 I love this colorful dress I got from Target a few summers ago. It got repeated so many times because I didn’t quite pack enough dresses! I think I like the third look the best.


And for the dresses that stayed in the closet all month . . .

Too summery

Party dresses with no place to party

Could have made these work

Well, there’s always next year! For now, happy new year and bring on the pants!

4 Comments on “Dressember | Final Wrap Up

  1. Wow, you made it through a whole month and looking good the whole time!! I love your LBD combinations-that’s something I definitely need to try.

  2. Lindsay, what a fantastic idea! I love challenges like these to bring a new, fresh perspective (especially during the daunting winter months here in the Midwest). On top of that, dresses are much easier to move in and teach in. I hope you do another challenge like this–I loved seeing your photos!

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