Beirut in Insta | 2012 in Review

What do I love about Beirut? The fresh local food, the traditional architecture, the flowering trees in spring, the crumbling ruins, the hidden pockets of tranquility. I’ve been diligently documenting all of it with my camera phone and uploading the images to Instagram. I thought it would be fun to end 2012 by taking a look back at all of the shots I’ve taken this year.

Here is a collection of my 40 favorite Instagram shots of Beirut from 2012.


10 Comments on “Beirut in Insta | 2012 in Review

  1. Thank you for your beautiful pictures. The urge of visiting increases after each post. You probably know him, but you might want to check out the project “Humans of New York”, currently in Iran. He is doing a great job in linking people across continents. Like you.

  2. Great pictures, Lindsay! You are certainly taking advantage of a great opportunity living in Beirut. MintyDad

  3. Love these! You have such a great eye for scenes. Looking forward to more next year. 🙂

  4. Lindsay, when I see Beirut through your lens, I get so nostalgic. You have such a talent for capturing beauty. Well done!

    • Thanks, Casey! That means a lot coming from you. I know Beirut wasn’t your favorite place in that last year. Hope you’re enjoying your new life in Chicago! xoxo

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