Dressember | A dress made by me!

A few weeks ago I finished my first dress and what better time to debut it on the blog than in the month of Dressember!

Earlier this fall I took a beginner sewing class at The Old Fashioned Way with the amazing Layla Totah. After learning how to make a few basic things using zippers, elastic, and a pattern, I jumped right in to the intermediate classes and started making a dress (pictured here) and a coat (still in progress!).

I chose this Colette pattern because I thought it would make a nice wintery dress. I was originally going to opt for 3/4 length sleeves, but after choosing the material I decided short sleeves was the way to go.

I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. Layla helped me adapt the pattern by making a lining and I think that made all the difference for a warm winter dress.

I can’t wait to try my hand at a few more patterns. There are so many I want to make now!

12 Comments on “Dressember | A dress made by me!

    • Thanks! Lining the zipper up so the seams didn’t get messed up was probably the hardest part. I love the lining!

  1. Congratulazioni Lindsay! il tuo primo vestito e’ stupendo! Non vedo l’ora di vedere il cappotto!

  2. It looks amazing! Very polished and flattering. You did a fantastic job. Can’t wait to see more that you make!

  3. that isn’t the lisette tobacco chambray is it? i have some and can’t decide what to use it for but this might be helping me decide. gorgeous!

      • I wrote that then realize if you don’t live in the US then it’s definitely not the same fabric πŸ™‚ but it is lovely!

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