Dressember | Week One Round-Up

Well, the first week of Dressember is already over and I have to say it really wasn’t all that hard! I love dressing up and I haven’t missed pants yet.




For next week the challenge will be not wearing all of my favorites so I can save some for the end of the month, and figuring out which dresses to pack for my two-week trip to California for the holidays. I guess packing will be easier in general though as I just have to throw a bunch of dresses and a couple of pairs of shoes in my suitcase. I’ll report back later!

For now, follow my daily updates on Twitter and Instagram.

For more December dress love I suggest following these very cool people with really fun dresses.

Anyone else out there participating in a month of dresses?

One Comment on “Dressember | Week One Round-Up

  1. too cute!! You are totally inspiring me to wear my neglected skirts and dresses. (although there is no way I could last a whole month)

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