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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Hard to believe a month of dresses is almost over already! On Day 15 I got on a plane and headed to California for the holidays so this week is coming to you from L.A. instead of Beirut. Here are the looks from week three.                Oh, and this is my 100th post on The Present Perfect!

What do I love about Beirut? The fresh local food, the traditional architecture, the flowering trees in spring, the crumbling ruins, the hidden pockets of tranquility. I’ve been diligently documenting all of it with my camera phone and uploading the images to Instagram. I thought it would be fun to end 2012 by taking a look back at all of the shots I’ve taken this year. Here is a collection of my… Read More

Last week my friend asked me to take some pictures of her kids for this year’s Christmas card. We headed downtown in search of festive decorations and twinkling lights. Her kids were so much fun to photograph and I think their personalities really came out in the pictures. Here are a few of my favorites from the day. And then I handed my camera to the seven-year old girl who was very… Read More

Half way through the month of December and a month of nothing but dresses! This was the last week of work before the holiday break so it was also my last chance to wear any really work-y dresses, so I squeezed those in on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Saturday I actually wore TWO dresses so I figure that makes up for missing day 1 🙂           My suitcase is… Read More

A few weeks ago I finished my first dress and what better time to debut it on the blog than in the month of Dressember! Earlier this fall I took a beginner sewing class at The Old Fashioned Way with the amazing Layla Totah. After learning how to make a few basic things using zippers, elastic, and a pattern, I jumped right in to the intermediate classes and started making a dress… Read More

Well, the first week of Dressember is already over and I have to say it really wasn’t all that hard! I love dressing up and I haven’t missed pants yet.                 For next week the challenge will be not wearing all of my favorites so I can save some for the end of the month, and figuring out which dresses to pack for my two-week trip to California for… Read More

31 dresses + the month of December = Dressember I only recently learned about the month otherwise known as “Dressember” from my long-time Flickr friend Amanda while browsing through her Instagram photos. A month dedicated to wearing all the dresses in my closet (and of course documenting everything online) seemed like too much fun to pass up. So here I am jumping in a day late with my first dress of the… Read More

It had been a while since I went on a weekend trip with the Beirut Street Photographers so I was happy to spend this bright and sunny November day with this cool group of people. We spent the first part of the day shooting on the streets of Jbeil (also known as Byblos) and then, after a long and leisurely lunch overlooking the sea, we made a quick stop in Jounieh to… Read More