Home Sweet Beirut

There’s nothing like a long stretch of traveling to make you really appreciate home. Wherever that home may be.

After eight weeks of constant movement, constant change, constant adaptation, I really started to long for the familiarity of home. For meals cooked in my own kitchen, my own bed and sheets, and conversations with old friends. My life in Beirut.

It’s funny how the shift happens. Last year I lived in Beirut and went “home” for the summer. This year I lived in Beirut and went traveling for the summer, then came “home” to Beirut. A subtle yet perceptible change.

As I rode in the taxi from the Beirut airport to my apartment I took in all the familiar sights that I hadn’t seen in two months: the nondescript apartment buildings, the chaotic and frenzied driving, the obtrusive billboards, and then that first shimmering glimpse of the sea. I was home.

5 Comments on “Home Sweet Beirut

  1. I can feel the sigh of contentment in this post–welcome home! Love that you had such an amazing adventure this summer. 🙂

  2. Hey! I know things are never what they seem, as far as on the news, but I wanted to ask you if you were okay? I have heard about the protest and violent acts on the news and just wondering how things are going.

    • The protest you saw on the news was south of Beirut in a Hizbullah area and from what I read it was not one that turned violent. So, everything in fine here in Beirut. Apparently there are a few more protests planned for this week around Lebanon, but none of them in Beirut.

      Thanks for asking.

      • Wow, the way the U.S. portrays everything! They said it was violent. Well that’s great to hear! Glad you’re ok

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