Breakfast Conversation and Some Pretty Old Temples

Angkor Wat

The scene: 8:00am at a noodle stand with a view of the temples of Angkor Wat. A big steaming bowl of noodle soup in front of me and the anticipation of finally seeing the temples up close.

Enter a young Cambodian boy, maybe 11 or 12 years old.

Boy: Where are you from?

Me: California.

Boy: Oooh, the capital Sacramento.

Me: Yes! I’m from Sacramento!

Boy: That means U.S.A. Obama.

Me: Yes, that’s right.

Boy: And before that George W. Bush.

Me: Yes.

Boy: And before that George Washington.

Me: Umm, I think you missed a few.

Boy: [Unfazed] 50 states. The last two Alaska and Hawaii. The biggest one Texas.

Then he sort of wandered off and left me alone to eat my breakfast in peace. About five minutes later he came back.

Boy: After you finish your breakfast, you buy my book. Killing Fields.

Well, that was sure a long lead up to the sell! I wonder how many countries this kid has up his sleeve.

Angkor Wat-8

Angkor Wat-1

Angkor Wat-6

Angkor Wat-3

Angkor Wat-4

Angkor Wat-2

Angkor Wat-7

Angkor Wat-9

3 Comments on “Breakfast Conversation and Some Pretty Old Temples

  1. What a stunning place, eh? I was in awe the whole time I was there. The kids trying to sell stuff are really bright little entreprenuers. I remember this one group of four girls had a whole approach down in at least 4 languages. If they saw a Chinese group approach they would start out with a Hello Sister! Beautiful Sister! Hello Brother! Handsome Brother! (in Chinese of course). I was greeted with the same spiel in English . Different groups got the Korean and Japanese equivalents.

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