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Monthly Archives: July 2012

I have read on multiple blogs recently (and in my guidebook as well) that it can take some time to warm up to Bangkok. That it at first will just seem too overwhelming and chaotic, but that after a few visits it becomes familiar and more likeable. Maybe these aren’t city people like I am, or perhaps it’s just that they don’t have the perspective of coming directly from two years in… Read More

My first taste of Asian street food and it was so good! It’s been a while since I’ve been somewhere completely and totally new for me.  I’m having similar feelings to three years ago when I stepped on land in the Middle East for the first time and kept picturing myself on the map thinking, I’m THERE! Only this time, with Bangkok being the well-worn backpackers trail that it is, I keep… Read More

Saturday was the opening of the photo exhibition, From 4 Corners of the World, by the talented Beirut Street Photographers Arek Dakessian, Bushra Al-Hinai, Imad Hadad, and Mher Krikorian. The joint exhibition features photos taken on their own trips around the world which they have “brought back home to Beirut.” The exhibit is being held at A Fish in Sea, a UK-based graphic design studio which has opened its Beirut office to… Read More

When the Beirut Street Photographers first went to shoot on the streets of Douma in 2011, we were met with a day of heavy and near constant downpour making it quite difficult to shoot. We ended up spending most of the day taking shelter from the rain while having a long and leisurely Lebanese lunch.  So it was only right that we return to Douma this year to give this charming village… Read More