Scenes From Around Georgetown, Penang

Georgetown is on the island of Penang on Peninsular Malaysia and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The city is rich with multicultural heritage with Malay, Chinese, Indian, and European influences. Walking the streets is a feast for the senses with the bright colors of the buildings and tiles, the smell of street food and incense burning, the sounds of Indian music blaring from speakers on the streets simultaneously competing with the bang of drums accompanying a Chinese dragon’s performance.

This mix of cultures comes together in Georgetown and at times you can forget that you are in Malaysia while you are momentarily transported to China, India, Europe . . .


Penang--7Bon Odori–A Japanese festival. To add just one more culture to the mix.




Penang--14Family photosΒ  from Old Georgetown hang in a cafe.


















And sadly, on my last night in Georgetown I am realizing that I did not get any photos of Little India. My memory will have to suffice.

48 Comments on “Scenes From Around Georgetown, Penang

  1. Linds, I wake up every morning excited to see your posts. Please keep them coming. So glad the trip is going well!

  2. So beautiful! I especially love the shot with the lanterns against the twilit sky.

  3. Amazing pics, hope u were able to make it to Yasmin restaurant and sample the tandoori.

    • I was thinking about that but forgot it was in Penang! So happy you suggested the Cameron Highlands though. It was amazing!

  4. I just back from Penang, but no time to post my pics. Lovely catch! Pic #20 & #21 are identical, double upload?

  5. Stunning slice-of-life photos — thank you for introducing me to a new part of the world. THIS is why I love blogging (and trolling others’ blogs…).


  6. Love seeing all these little snapshots of the outer world. Who knew there was such a conglomeration of cultures in such a small spot!

  7. i feel like going to Penang again after seeing your amazing shots! πŸ˜€

  8. these photos are STUNNING! I especially liked the bike with the yellow background. I would frame that one! My next big trip will be to Southeast Asia!

  9. Amazing photos. one of my favorties is the one with the two men playing checkers on the ground. Priceless πŸ™‚

  10. I’ve been to Penang twice and loved my time there. I’ve walked these streets. Maybe you’ll return to get some pictures of Little India.

  11. So beatiful! Really nice ideas to take pictures.
    If u want to see scenes from around Argentina, visit my blog, although i should take more pictures and less text ;P

  12. penang is one of the best places i have visited during my 4+ years stay in Malaysia πŸ™‚

  13. Even though this is my country, I am excited to see them photographed this way and from the angle of another fellow traveler. I’m always glad to see people coming to my country and loving what they see and how much of a rich culture we have. Thanks again for such lovely pictures!

  14. Randomly ran across your blog and loved the pictures! During travels overseas last year I had the opportunity to live in the Georgetown area of Penang for a month. It was absolutely lovely, full of such amazing culture and wonderful people. You have captured it so beautifully!

  15. Loved the photos. It’s amazing how pictures like these can bring out the essence of a place. Great job. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

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