A colorful tour around the island of Phuket

I am so incredibly grateful to my friends Muay and Andy from Beirut who invited me to visit them in Phuket  during our summer travels. Muay is Thai and Andy has spent the better part of 7 years living in Thailand, and together with their friend Jay who owns a resort on the island, they have truly given me the insiders tour. It seems we’ve covered every inch of this great island (but they tell me there’s even more to see!). Phuket is so diverse with so much to see (and so many places to swim). Each beach and town seems to have its own personality.

Beach Towns

rawai beach frontRawai Beach. Calm and laid back.

phuketcheking the map phuket island

long tail boats

Long tail boats



choosing oysters for our dinner

Muay and Andy choosing oysters for our dinner.

Phuket Town

colorful phuket townThe colorful streets of Phuket Town.

phuket town

phuket townphuket town

Sino-Portuguese Architecture with its mix of Chinese and European influences.

phuket town

sweet little girl in phuket town

kwang sampling a local phuket town dessertsweet dessert

Trying out a local Phuket Town dessert: banana gelatin, ice slush, lots of sugar, and kidney beans (!?). It was incredibly sweet. Only Muay could handle the sugar.

phuket town bohemians

Phuket Town Bohemians.

Wat Chalong

We visited the temple where Muay and Kwang showed me how to pray in the Buddhist way. We lit candles, burned incense, prayed in front of the Buddhas, left flowers, and then put a piece of gold leaf on each of the three Buddhas. If you make a wish and it comes true you have to return to the temple to light fireworks. Kwang made a wish and today it came true! I guess she’ll be making a trip back there soon!
wat chalong

wat chalongputting gold leaf on the buddhas

Laem Promthep
laem promthep

Gorgeous look out point with clear blue water below.

elephants, elephantsElephants at the temple. If your wish made at the temple comes true you have to bring back an elephant (size proportional to the wish granted).

wedding shootIt was a hot and sticky day to be wearing a wedding gown but I’m sure the pictures will be a great reward for the suffering!

Street Vendors

young coconutsYoung coconuts

rambutan and other tropical fruitRambutan and other tropical fruit

tropical fruit

bouquet of rambutanstreet meatStreet meat: fish balls, beef balls, chicken balls, and pork balls with chili sauce.

5 Comments on “A colorful tour around the island of Phuket

  1. Lindsay, Looks awesome 😀 and you are looking awesome too! more photos more photos

  2. Thank you for sharing all these amazing pictures! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  3. Oh my gosh you really got me with those street food in the end. It looks so much like filipino street food!

  4. Lindsay, you must visit Indonesia too while you’re still in the Eastern part of the world 🙂 By the way I like the photo of that little girl in pink. She is so cute 🙂

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