Not Quite Summer

Although we’ve passed the mid-June mark, temperatures have finally made it into the 90s on a regular basis, and I’ve been to the beach on more than one occasion, it’s not quite summer for those of us who work at a certain school in Beirut. (Of course, I’m not at all jealous our friends at a neighboring school who are on flights home and away as I type. )

Today marks the beginning of the period of summer limbo where we’re not quite on summer holiday yet as we do officially have three weeks left of work, but it’s certainly starting to feel that way as  the kids are finished with classes and the teachers have only to come into work sporadically to proctor exams, do some planning for next year, and tie up loose ends.  I am, however, grateful that the daily 7:40-3:15 schedule is over and at least part-time I can pretend like it’s summer.

For the next three weeks (when work isn’t getting in the way) I’ll be sleeping in, drinking coffee, enjoying the beach, and getting ready for my summer travels in Southeast Asia.

When I think about it, it’s not a half-bad way to ease into summer . . .


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