Crazy Mosquito-Killing Truck

Yesterday I was enjoying the warm weather on my balcony when a horrible chemical smell wafted up to the seventh floor accompanied by the sound of an obnoxiously loud motor. I looked over the balcony (as did many others in my building and the one across the street) to see a huge cloud of smoke to the left of my building rise up into the sky. I was SURE that the building next to us was on fire. Then I noticed (and heard) a small truck chugging along the street, emitting another huge cloud of smoke from an exhaust pipe in the truck bed. I had no idea what was happening or why this truck was causing such a scene.

crazy mosquito killing truck

Later I found out that the truck was emitting a mosquito pesticide. Gross. Well, at least there may be some benefit to all the pollution it was causing; there had been a few mosquitoes in my apartment lately.

Did anyone else in Beirut experience the arrival of the mosquito truck yesterday? Why was my street so “lucky”?

5 Comments on “Crazy Mosquito-Killing Truck

  1. Oy, if that happened here and the city didn’t issue a warning to keep windows closed, there would be a ruckus! I hope the smell went away eventually.

    • It did go away really quickly. But, of course, no notice!! I feel sorry for anyone who had their laundry outside drying!

  2. Wow! Was it the first time you saw it? Is there a dengue risk? Here in Panama there is dengue (not “risk” but the dengue itself, I mean) but no crazy trucks (I´m not sure whether it´s good or bad).

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