Let’s Give ‘Em Something To Talk About

Earlier this week Mustapha (@Beirutspring)  posted an article on Twitter from the New York Times about how Starbucks has recently raised its price of a tall coffee to $1.85 in NYC causing the post tax price to reach $2.01 and sending some Manhattanites into a tizzy over having to now carry coins to pay the penny instead of getting back change from their two dollars. (It’s quite silly. Really, go have a read if you missed it).

I was talking to my Lebanese colleague about the article and wondering aloud how many people even cared about the penny to warrant an article on it. If you think about it, this penny situation could really only affect a small group of men because, 1) women tend to have purses or wallets with coin purses to hold change so that basically rules out all the women, 2) a good portion of the men must pay with a credit card, 3) of those men that don’t, some must buy a coffee + something else so the penny isn’t an issue, 4) still others of those that don’t pay with plastic buy a different size altogether, and 5) some just probably aren’t opposed to actually having some change in their pockets. So how many could possibly affected, a handful??

As I was going through my argument for the silliness of the article my friend laughed and said her daughter was just asking her the other day what they talk about on the news in countries where there isn’t constant threat of war, political instability, and the like. I said, “Well, there you go. We get upset over having to pay $2 plus a penny for our coffee.”

3 Comments on “Let’s Give ‘Em Something To Talk About

  1. Come on Lindsay. This is not about the penny per se, this is about the sheer idiocy of pricing something at $2.01 . It’s like pricing something in Lebanon for 5,100 L.L 🙂

    • Haha, yes, I say this all jokingly. Sort of. But also it’s the AFTER TAX price. So technically they gave it a normal price, it’s that tax that created the penny situation. Honestly I wouldn’t have thought twice about the total coming to $2.01.

  2. Dude. I am a woman and I empty any and all change out of my bag every single night. I do NOT carry change. Yet this would force me to basically have 99 cents rolling around in my bag all day long. GROSS. (I’m being facetious but factual here. I mean that would just be annoying not gross.)

    I mean if that were what I drank at Starbucks which it is not. Australia has no pennies. BTW. So if your cost comes out to something requiring a penny, the cash registers all round it either up or down. So sometimes you are paying 2 or 3 cents more than your thing actually cost and sometimes 2 or 3 cents less. It’s fun. We should do that instead! 🙂

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