Fanstastic Sunday in Beirut

Today was a fantastic Sunday in Beirut. My day started bright and early (6:45am) with a 9.5 mile run. The weather was spectacular and at the end of my run I was greeted by a view of the snow-capped mountains rising above the Mediterranean and not a cloud in the sky. As I ran the last mile or so of my run I just admired the view and thought about how lucky I am to be living in Beirut with such gorgeous views and such pleasant weather in December.

The view of the mountains today. (Taken later in the day.)


After my run (and a nice cup of French Press coffee at home) I got ready and met my girlfriends for brunch at Casablanca to celebrate my birthday. I opted this year for brunch with a few friends rather than a big night out and it was such a great idea. We all enjoyed the food at Casablanca and it was great to catch up with friends in a nice environment rather than a loud, smoky bar.


The view from Casablanca.

IMG_6212Bloody Marys all around!

[ 345 ] a birthday as it should be!

After brunch a few of us walked to BIEL to check out the exhibition “Art in Iraq Today” which was quite nice.

On the way we noticed that the view of the mountains was almost the exact view printed on a barrier just below it. It was a meta moment that we found quite amusing.


The Beirut Exhibition Center where the art exhibition was held.


I spent the rest of the day walking around downtown with my friend Samantha window shopping, drinking coffee, eating dessert, and just soaking up all of the sunshine. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer Sunday or a nicer way to celebrate my birthday.

Tribute to Rafik Hariri downtown.


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