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Monthly Archives: November 2011

If you take “services” (shared taxis) in Beirut then you are used to rejection. Any time you want to go somewhere in a service you have to give your destination to drivers countless times before one finally agrees to take you where you want to go. Sometimes I think it’s understandable; there are other people in the car and they’re probably not going my way. But other times it seems ridiculous; I… Read More

Last night I was in a cab downtown on my way back to Hamra and I saw a group of people on Segways drive (ride?) by. That was that first time I’d seen that. Apparently the store in Beirut opened sometime this year. Who’s idea was this? I mean really. The last thing the streets of Beirut need are more lawless vehicles. What do you think? Is Beirut by Segway a good… Read More

Tonight I saw a commercial on CNN from the Zurich Tourism Board targeting expats living in the Middle East. As I was listening to it I just kept thinking wow, are they really saying that? The voice over mentions all the fantastic things about Zurich (and I agree, Zurich is fantastic) but after the opening line of “Life in the Middle East as an expat can be tough,” the connotation is that… Read More