Hurricane Irene: The Morning Before

In case you hadn’t heard, there’s a hurricane on it’s way to NYC. We’ve been getting ready since Friday and now all there is to do is wait.

This morning I got up and took a walk around the neighborhood to see what was happening– not to mention, to get out of the apartment before I’m stuck inside for two days. Many people seemed to have had the same idea; there were lots of people on the Brooklyn Promenade to get a glimpse of the city pre-storm.

Lots of “Because of the hurricane . . .” signs around. Most places closed until Tuesday.


As of noon today, no public transportation in the city.


Hope this is enough to keep the garbage cans from flying around.


A 24 hour flower shop closed down as of Friday night. Guess no one needs floral arrangements before or during a hurricane.


People that got caught without an umbrella today were quite amusing. Really? You didn’t know it was going to rain today?


Many New Yorkers’ hurricane prep was alcohol related.


New Yorkers know how to prepare for a hurricane.

And some preparations were a bit more traditional.


Hurricane Irene, we’re ready.

4 Comments on “Hurricane Irene: The Morning Before

  1. Great pictures! We were out walking but I was camera-less, sadly. Glad you and Jodi are documenting it 🙂

  2. These are great! Can’t wait to see your pics of the “after”, whatever that may be!

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