Batroun • Anfeh

I missed May’s photo trip with the Beirut Street Photographers due to the triathlon but this month I was back and ready to shoot. The BSP chose the perfect locations for this month’s trip: the lovely coastal towns of Batroun and Anfeh. The views of the sparkling sea made for a perfect backdrop for street photography at the start of the summer season.

BatrounAnfeh_FB-7Some of the details really made you feel like you were on an island. In Greece perhaps?

BatrounAnfeh_FB-8Doesn’t this little blue scooter look ready for summer?



BatrounAnfeh_FB-15These two are perched and ready for some people watching on a warm summer day.

BatrounAnfeh_FB-11Loryn talks to a local about a mural in Anfeh.

BatrounAnfeh_FB-10Aqua seemed to be the color of the day.

BatrounAnfeh_FB-9Seriously, doesn’t this view make you feel like you’re looking at an island in Greece?

The group ended the day with a swim in the sea at Anfeh and then an ice cream stop on the way back to Beirut. A perfect summer photo trip.

5 Comments on “Batroun • Anfeh

    • I am a Batrounian living in the States and to be exact in Cleveland, Ohio, with your photos of the city you took back 32 years where the people of Batroun (heaven on earth), never
      sleep during the summer.I’m hoping one day I will head back with my kids leaving the American life style behind us because the human has no value here.

  1. I saw you there, the Greek looking beach in anfeh is called “ta7t el ri7”. lovely photos

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