Beirut Street Photographers

In January I heard about a new photography group via a contact on Twitter. The group was the Beirut Street Photographers and they were planning their first outing: a photo excursion to Tripoli. I’d never been there and I’m always up for a good photo walk so I decided to join. The trip to Tripoli was great fun and I met an awesome group of local photographers. In February we went on a trip to Douma, another place in Lebanon I’d never been. We didn’t get to take quite as many photos as before since it poured for most of the day but we did have an awesome Sunday lunch. This month, we went to Saida. I’d already been there at least three times but going there again with the sole intention of taking photos helped me to see Saida in a new light.

If you want to join us on the next photo excursion, we are planing to go to Zahle on April 10th. Check out the Facebook page and the newly created BSP blog.

Here are some of the highlights of the past three trips.


fruit vendor

fresh fish!

baskets and political figures

[ 16 ] shooting up close and personal


dripping wet

typical architecture

conversations in douma

old door


saida woman

[ 79 ] makeshift vegetable stall

saida man

street sweets

blue and white

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