10 Miles in Beirut

Last year my most popular post was one where I ranted about Beirut not being a great place for athletically minded people. I guess everyone loves a good rant and I appreciated all of the supportive comments, but . . .

Since last year I’ve continued to run in Beirut and I’m starting to change my tune about running in this city. Last fall I joined up with the Nike Running Club and the Elite Running Club here in Beirut and found a huge network of supportive runners. Running with these guys (and some gals) has pushed me to run farther and harder than I ever would have on my own. (I remember the very first day I showed up for the Nike Running Club guessing we’d run 3-4 miles only to find out we were running a 10K!).

I’ve also started getting bolder with my running routes in Beirut. There’s almost nowhere I won’t run in the city. I love seeing all of the nooks and crannies of the city at the speed of 6 miles per hour. One long run in Beirut covers such a diverse landscape that you get to see everything from local butcher shops with meat hanging in the windows, to the high fashion shops of downtown, to the sparkling blue of the Mediterranean. I’ve even come to welcome the long stares of the people I pass on the streets and in cars. Yes, I might be a sight to see for them, but I’m doing my own people watching right back. (And haram to the bored security guards of this city; they barely get to see anything interesting all day. At least I’m providing them with entertainment!)

Exploring Beirut by running made me love and appreciate Beirut even more than I did when I first arrived here over a year and a half ago. Come with me on my 10 mile run and see what I mean . . .

Run-1310Dressed and ready to go! (Should have checked the weather though. That jacket wasn’t necessary on such a gorgeously sunny Beirut day.)

Run-1312Just getting started in Hamra. You’re not tired yet, are you?

Run-1313The BEST part of my run! Gorgeous view of Beirut and the mountains AND down hill 🙂

Run-1317We made it to Achrafieh! Now down into the tunnel with all that traffic.

Run-1319The view on the other side of the tunnel is totally worth it!

Run-1321Well hello, Gemmayzeh! You’re so quiet and calm in the day time.

Run-1323Downtown, here we come! (Half way done!)

Run-1325Got to hit up the Corniche for at least a small stretch of the run.

Run-1328Last mile! Back in Ras Beirut and ALMOST home.

Run-1329Made it! 10 miles in the books and I’m a happy girl! Wasn’t that fun?

Screen shot 2012-02-11 at 7.45.01 PMLet’s take a look at our route. We covered a lot of Beirut!

Hope you’ll run with me again sometime!

5 Comments on “10 Miles in Beirut

  1. Awesome pictures and the run looks great. I need all the inspiration I can get for my own running. I’m not at the point yet where I really enjoy running but I’m working on it!

  2. Thanks for sharing Beirut with us through your run. Very interesting place and you had great weather. Congrats on the run and good luck (and have fun) at the half! Mick

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