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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Last year my most popular post was one where I ranted about Beirut not being a great place for athletically minded people. I guess everyone loves a good rant and I appreciated all of the supportive comments, but . . . Since last year I’ve continued to run in Beirut and I’m starting to change my tune about running in this city. Last fall I joined up with the Nike Running Club… Read More

February 14th: a day for sweethearts and remembering Rafik Hariri. First, the sweethearts. As of a few days ago, I started noticing shops completely decked out in red for Valentine’s Day. It is unlike anything I have seen in the States. Even the souk in Saida had it’s fair share of Valentine’s trinkets and lingerie. Saturday night I went to grab a bite to eat in Zahleh and the restaurant was filled… Read More