Three Thanksgivings

Even though I didn’t get to celebrate Thanksgiving *on* Thanksgiving, I did have three celebrations to make up for it. I certainly can’t complain about that since Turkey Day is one of my favorite holidays.  And, unlike my friend teaching in China, at least I have an oven to prepare the whole dinner myself.

Thanksgiving #1
My friend Helen had a big potluck dinner at her place to celebrate with all of her church friends and school friends. It was a good time, turkey mishap and all.


Thanksgiving #2
All of the teachers hired from abroad at my school live in the same building so Saturday we had a potluck dinner to celebrate together. Some of the teachers who don’t live in the building also came so it was nice to see everyone together to celebrate the holiday. We started off with drinks and appetizers in one of the apartments upstairs and then moved downstairs to another for the main course.


Thanksgiving #3
This was the dinner that I was most excited about because over the last five years in NYC I have come to love cooking Thanksgiving dinner. I enlisted my friend Kim to host with me and we both invited our Lebanese friends, most of whom had never experienced Thanksgiving. We had some trouble finding a few items for our dinner, but I’d say we did a pretty good job making a traditional Thanksgiving dinner here in Lebanon. The sweet potato casserole seemed to be the hit of the meal so I was happy to share the recipe. Mostly though, I was glad to share the Thanksgiving tradition with my new and old friends here.


3 Comments on “Three Thanksgivings

  1. yay for so many thanksgivings! i love that they are all so densely populated. that’s the way to celebrate.

  2. Looking at your pictures Im left to wonder…did you get to eat at any of these Thanksgivings or were you left hostessing and taking pictures???

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