Another Taxi Story

I could probably start a whole blog just about taxi adventures. Heck, we could make it a collective blog and all of us bloggers in Beirut could add our stories. I’m sure it would be endless entertainment.

Anyway, I thought I’d share this tidbit from this evening. So I took a service that took me the LONG way to Hamra from Downtown. First he dropped off another passenger then he zigzagged every which way en route to Hamra. He made a zigzag motion with his hand and then mumbled something about Ahmadinejad. (OK, maybe that was the issue. Maybe not.) So we get to my destination on Hamra Street and when I hand him 2,000LL suddenly he says “two service” and then makes the zigzag motion again as if to say I should pay him MORE because he took me a ridiculously long way. Sorry my friend, but if anything I should pay you LESS because you made me go out of my way. I just got out of the car and left him with the 2,000LL.

2 Comments on “Another Taxi Story

  1. you seem to move around a lot by taxi, here’s an advice:
    get a small bike (a vespa maybe) it beats traffic, no need to worry about fuel (5000 LL a week… hehehhe beats a 100 000LL every 3 days for a big ass car) and looks cool…

    and nothing beats Italian right? šŸ˜‰

  2. I had this same experience. But the roads WERE closed off for a couple of days that week, so the service had no choice but to take you a zigzag way..I got in one cab that went down four dead end streets..he was sooo pissed, but I understood he had no this exceptional situation, I coughed up the extra money.

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