Taxi Frustrations

Is it just me, or are the taxi/service drivers in Beirut really lazy? First of all, they honk at anything on two legs trying to get them to get in the car to take ride. (Sometimes it almost feels like harassment the way they slow down and honk at you while you’re just minding your own business walking down the street). Then, the times when you actually *want* a ride they say no! How hard is it to drive from Downtown to Hamra? Anything less would be just a drive down the street. Where *are* they willing to drive? It’s so frustrating.

Tonight when I was coming home from Downtown I caught a car that was already headed towards Hamra so he picked me up. As we were driving down Hamra Street almost to the end he asked me where in Hamra I was going. I said, the end of Hamra Street (in Arabic too, holla!) and he started chewing me out that that wasn’t Hamra! Sorry bud, but it’s still Hamra even if it’s at the end of Hamra and not the beginning. I think he was just bitter because he honked at about 50 people on the way from Downtown and no one accepted a ride.

6 Comments on “Taxi Frustrations

  1. You told me about the craziness of the cab drivers, and I can’t imagine living with it! Though where I live in BK, I get cabbies refusing to take me, too. šŸ™‚

  2. Taxis were a major factor in overcoming my fear to drive in leb and purchase a car. Four years took a toll on my nerves, life and relationship

  3. I deal with this everyday! I work in Downtown and have to walk about ten minutes toward the seaside to hail a taxi that will agree to take me. They will almost never take me back to Hamra from where I work unless I have another person with me.

    The whole experience is really frustrating, and I think always will be.. But I think I will take the temporary frustration of taxi drivers over having to see my money disappear into a car payment, car insurance, and gas.. not to mention parking! And I haven’t even begun to talk about the DRIVING! No thanks. Taxis it is.

  4. I got so frustrated with this that I started walking from my residence in Hamra to my office in Bourj Ghazel in Achrafieh every day. Had to wear a tank top and carry my work shirt because of the heat. Great exercise, though!

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