Friday afternoon it rained. Actually, poured buckets of water from the sky seems like a more accurate description. The streets were like rushing rivers and the only thing to do was walk home from school right through the water as there was sometimes no getting around the floods. I was totally unprepared for the rain because after six weeks of checking the weather online only to see hot, hotter, and suffocatingly humid, I stopped checking.

It was the second to last period of the school day when the rain started. My 6th grade English class erupted into cheers of joy. I’d never seen this reaction to rain before. Snow definitely. But never rain. I tried to tell the kids, “It’s just rain,” to calm them down. One of them replied, “Miss, we haven’t seen rain in SO long!” It was hard to get any work done for the rest of the period.

So, I guess that means that fall has officially arrived in Lebanon. Apparently it never rains in summer so once the rain comes you know it’s over. This weekend has been exceptionally cool which is great for running on the cornice as I don’t have to wait until dark to get out and run. (I’m training for the 10K race on November 7th.)

I wish I had taken some pictures of the downpour but since I didn’t I’ll leave you with a link to Sietske’s blog with some awesome pictures from Friday afternoon.

2 Comments on “Rain!

  1. She always has awesome pictures, doesn’t she? The both of you..just amazing! I think I need to brush up on my photography skills for sure..My iphone camera just aint cutting it! I left to Miami on Sept. 17th, and when I came back on Oct 2..I was greeted with this nice, cool weather..I’m loving it!

    Don’t think we’ve seen rain since though..have we? So funny how they reacted to rain. It’s a daily occurrence where I come from.

  2. Funny about the rain. I left NYC for Beirut on Saturday, arrived on Sunday. Glad I missed it!
    Btw, I don’t know exactly how I found your blog, but I must say I was very impressed with my visit. Although I was there to work; I really enjoyed myself. Beirut is beautiful.
    I met many interesting people, and had a wonderful experience. I hope to get more work there so I can return.

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