Hamra Street Festival, Day 2

Hamra Street was quite packed for day two of the festival. I went at about 7:30 to check out some of the music and stayed until late. Hamra being Hamra you always tend to run into people you know but it was especially true during the festival when it seemed as if every one I knew was out on the street.

I had my first experience with Arabic rap which was quite entertaining.

arabic rap

The crowd for the rap performance seemed quite young.

there was a young crowd listening to the rap group

There were many vendors lining the streets.


Conversations among friends shouted over the music.

concert goers

Charbel Rouhana seemed to be a highlight of the musical performances. I had just heard his music for the first time on my road trip to the Cedars and was impressed with myself for recognizing it. You don’t have to understand Arabic to know that this man is quite a story teller.

charbel rouhana

The crowd watching Charbel Rouhana was definitely feeling the music.
feeling the music

It was a great night with lots of music and friends.

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