It’s my first time being in the Middle East for the Eid feast. (I was in Lebanon last summer during Ramadan but left before Eid). Who knew that settling on the holiday date was so complicated? I’m new here so I won’t even begin to try to explain it to my readers who have no idea what I’m talking about but Sietske just wrote a post that explains some of the confusion we’ve all been going through trying to understand when the holiday is.

My first encounter with this phenomenon was when my friend who teaches in Egypt was trying to plan a trip to Beirut to visit me. She had it all planned for the 9th when the superintendent of her school said that the holiday MIGHT fall on the 10th in which case teachers would have to be in school even if they had made travel arrangements for the 9th. She was so frustrated that she decided to postpone her trip to a time where there would be a definite holiday.

This week at school the date of the feast has been all the buzz among teachers and staff. We haven’t really started working much yet but we are scheduled to go back Monday. That is unless the feast was called for the 10th because then our school would give us Monday off so we would still have a two day break. So now I’m totally confused. It seems some Muslims celebrated the feast starting yesterday but others starting today. So what does that mean for me? Do I have school Monday or not?

I still have a lot to learn about living in Lebanon it seems.

Update: I like Maya’s interpretation of the situation as well.

3 Comments on “Eid?

  1. I guess what prevails in you case is the decision of the organization or school where you work. Apart from the 22nd. of November (Independence Day), and 1st. of May (Labor Day), all holidays whether adopted by the government institutions or not are facultative for companies and institutions.

  2. Your friend is right, that wouldn’t fly in the states..lol but as they will tell you here, “Welcome to Lebanon!” it is an indication of things to come!

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