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Monthly Archives: September 2010

• Use the projector to display your writing questions. • Get into your email to find the writing questions you have saved as an attachment. • Make a photo copy of the one hard copy of the writing questions you do have (thanks to your super colleague who was smart enough to print them out for you the night before). **Generally the electricity goes out and them comes right back on with… Read More

I don’t like Tabbouleh. There, I said it. (If you are Lebanese and you are reading this right now and you never want to read my blog again, I totally understand.) Whenever I say this to Lebanese people I see their jaws immediately drop and their eyes get wide. Then they follow with questions like, “How many times have you tried it?” or “Are you sure it was a good Tabbouleh?” or… Read More

From the last day of the street festival. What a fun weekend! Can’t wait to do it again next year!

Hamra Street was quite packed for day two of the festival. I went at about 7:30 to check out some of the music and stayed until late. Hamra being Hamra you always tend to run into people you know but it was especially true during the festival when it seemed as if every one I knew was out on the street. I had my first experience with Arabic rap which was quite… Read More

What a better welcome to the neighborhood than a three day street festival leaving Hamra Street blissfully car free! I’ve been looking forward to this event since I arrived in Beirut two and a half weeks ago and saw the posters advertising the event plastered all over the neighborhood. Yesterday kicked off the festival weekend with a parade followed by fireworks. Here are some of the highlights of the parade. A very… Read More

It’s my first time being in the Middle East for the Eid feast. (I was in Lebanon last summer during Ramadan but left before Eid). Who knew that settling on the holiday date was so complicated? I’m new here so I won’t even begin to try to explain it to my readers who have no idea what I’m talking about but Sietske just wrote a post that explains some of the confusion… Read More

Yesterday was New Teacher Orientation at my new school. Wow! is pretty much all I have to say. We’re not in NYC public schools anymore, Toto! We started the morning with an introduction from the HR director. She said that this morning she was reminded of herself being a new hire four years ago and all the excitement she felt to be working at this school. Then a few months later the… Read More

After six weeks in Lebanon last summer I definitely got used to the military presence in Lebanon. Still, it’s a bit surreal going for a morning jog on the Corniche with a view of the sparkling Mediterranean and fancy beach clubs on one side and two army trucks full of soldiers with weapons at the ready rolling by on the other.

Last summer when I was in Lebanon I traveled all over the country but I somehow never managed to make it to see the famed Cedars. So last week when I was out having drinks with friends and a friend of a friend of a friend said he was taking a little road trip up to the Cedars on Sunday and generously invited me to go along (as the Lebanese always seem… Read More